Brake Bros. Frozen Foods, Ashford, Kent (January 2011 March 2011)

Business Analyst- Create 'Kick off' governance for new projects


Following recent acquisitions, Brakes Frozen Foods now has a wide and varied portfolio of 'speciality' food divisions. The Brakes Group is actively incorporating these food divisions into its common policies, strategies and 'house style'.


My original 6 week contract was extended.


My tasks were to:

  • Create and adapt project documents to support the asset team and project leader

  • Research each mode of operation and prepare Risk Management, Terms of Reference and Project Tracking Documents

  • Investigate and identify duplicate and discontinued user IT access and use

  • Map current personnel and IT users against current organisation charts

While a work station was planned within the Ashford offices, my commitment to the project resulted in my working from home. Communication was via once monthly meetings (London), emails and pre arranged, twice weekly telephone conference.


While my line manager will provide a reference, the manager has asked this be requested via email owing to her work load.


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