Instant Muscle, Ashford, Kent (September – December 2006)

(Contractor to the department, Work and Pensions’ Jobcentre Plus scheme. Locating long term unemployed with work or work based experience)

Employment/ Work Placement Officer - Provide advice and tuition as required, Project: To establish a commercial presence in Ashford, Kent.


This was a 3 month contract to provide training and skills coaching to long term unemployed clients of the Department of Work and Pensions. Within a week the roll expanded, presenting many opportunities.

My tasks were to:

  • Construct Lesson Plans and deliver CV and personal development seminars

  • Provide support to candidates and colleagues

  • Cold canvass prospective employers to provide work placements

  • Vet and consult placement employers for compliance and suitability

  • Match and monitor clients in their placement activities

I additionally built several computers to assist clients search for work. The computers were also used as teaching aids (see inset)




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