Museums Libraries and Archives Council MLA (September 2007 -  February 2008)

Tutor/ Project leader - Constructed, delivered and managed a basic IT tuition for local people located within Chipping Barnet Library on a ‘drop-in’ basis.


This was the first task of my new company, IC Consulting Ltd. I received a telephone call from Wendy Bohan, a freelance tenant relations consultant who I met while at working at Barnet Homes. Wendy asked if my company could devise an IT for beginners course for adult members of the Barnet community. I would additionally need to teach the course to other tutors within Barnet Homes employment.


The venue would be Chipping Barnet Library, run jointly with the MLA as chief fund holders.


My tasks were to:

  • Create and deliver a basic ITC curriculum for delivery within the library

  • Deliver the course to mixed ability adults and those where English is not their first language

  • Provide opportunities for feedback that will be made publicly available


The course was able to run until the library buildings refurbishment closure. I am especially grateful for the assistance given by Stephanie Collins, the libraries adult learning coordinator and Wendy.

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