The North School, Ashford, Kent (Sept 2005 Feb 2006)

Graduate Teacher Training (GTP) - Various agency work and tasks in preparation for Graduate Teacher Training.


I have long championed personal self improvement and attended a Graduate Teaching Program (GTP) 'open day'. There followed a persuasive 'campaign' from my contacts within GTP and I joined the ITC department at the North School, Ashford, Kent.

My tasks were to:

  • Construct Lesson Plans and develop teaching aids

  • Observe lessons and attend all meetings and training necessary

I received a letter of gratitude for my positively representing the school to the GTP training board during a meeting.


I remain extremely grateful to the support and friendship offered by fellow staff. Particular thanks to Steve Dove my subject head and Nick Fysh for half a pig from the school farm as payment for a farm management database. The database was originally constructed to support cross curriculum (IT and Science). 

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