The Office of the Pensions Ombudsman (September 2012 - Present) contract position - maternity cover

Business Support Officer - Managing the IT system (hardware and software) Server administration and maintenance. Providing technical advice for the commissioning of the organisations IT refresh project.


The Pensions Ombudsman was established in 1991 by Act of Parliament. The Ombudsman's role is to investigate and decide pension complaints between members of pension schemes.


Samples of work are unavailable due to the sensitive nature of the work and in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

My original tasks was to continue an existing role and so facilitate maternity leave cover. However, this role altered rapidly to accommodate the impact of a planned IT refresh project which had overrun. My post graduate IT expertise and project management experience enable me to assist and advise the project management team during this transitional period. I therefore contributed beyond my initial job description to provide on site running repairs and upgrades to the ageing IT kit. I additionally 'propped up' databases where their support contract had expired. By extending their useful life, I was able to extract and validate data in preparation for migration to the new IT system.


While in the this role I have gained a certificate in Protecting Information, which can be seen here


I have also passed the Home Office security search, which can be seen here.


My tasks are summarised here:

  • Advise and provide technical support to the IT refresh project team.

  • Devise, repair and adapt databases and spreadsheets necessary for the record keeping.

  • Extract data and produce reports concerning Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Administer the network server via Microsoft's Active Directory, creating and deleting users, amending permissions and security levels.

  • Resolve day to day hardware and software issues, including user terminal repairs and upgrades.

  • Remedy embedded code errors in third party letter templates using JAVA, XML, XHTML

  • Resolve performance breeches in unsupported databases, such as Cappella and DNA

  • Extract and migrate data for analysis and into new IT system.

  • Advise and participate with testing and commissioning of new IT refresh.

  • Audit IT use, provide daily backups and service updates via the Intranet

  • Update Intranet and create new pages and features as required using HTML

  • Organise and direct service supply from 3rd party suppliers, including Internet amendments and service revisions. This included negotiating with the organisations internal and external customers.

  • Attend and Chair meetings, take minutes as required.


My contract is temporary due to maternity leave cover. This is expected to end very shortly


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