Remade South East (June 2011 - December 2011) Fixed Term Contract

Project Officer/ Coordinator - Monitoring and assisting project partners in compliance with European funding regulations (ERDF)


Remade South East is a charity organisation that distributes European and UK government funds to promote environmentally friendly practice within the private sector including the building industry.


My tasks were to:

  • Manage and offer guidance to participating organisations

  • Audit and resolve performance and compliance issues

  • Carry out site visits, presentations and consultations as required

  • Edited a European study which examined the existence and viability of sustainable best practice within the European construction industries. Best practice includes networking between project participants to produce minimal waste. evaluation took place via focus group and case studies.

  • Edited and drafted various news items concerning Remades own projects.

  • Attended various workshops and venues to promote and represent Remades unique business.


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