SLFHA Ltd, an Amicus Horizon Group Company (February 2006 – September 2006)

Business Support Officer - Project managed the production of 10 specific policies and procedures (now approved by Board).


I returned to the commercial world having grown frustrated with the inconsistencies of the teacher training program at Christchurch College, Canterbury. I was very lucky to be recruited by Lorraine Morris, Strategy Manager who noticed my potential. Lorraine continued to mentor me into the award winning policy writer for which I am remembered.


This was a 6 month contract, but I was later to return at the request of the housing directorate.

My tasks were to:

  • Project manage the production of 10 specific policies and procedures (now approved by Board). New policies are necessary to help bring SLFHA Ltd out of the Housing Corporation’s ‘special measures'.

  • Research and compare existing and best practices, incorporating current legislation for both housing maintenance and operations functions. This involved consultation with sector directors, front line staff, solicitors and expert groups. Chaired staff focus groups and evening resident panels as required.

  • Proof read the Business Support teams key documents prior to submission.

  • Hold implimentation workshops, producing teaching materials and quick reference charts.

  • Audit and troubleshoot policy failure and rectify performance breakdown.

  • Construct an interim estate inspection database to support the abandoned vehicles procedure.

  • Provide expert opinion at Gravesham Councils Large Scale Voluntary Transfer tenant consultation evening (on behalf of SLFHA Ltd).

  • Prepare board papers on behalf of various directors.


I achieved the Chief Executives 'Ideas for Excellence' award for a series of wall charts that illustrated policy changes to front line staff


I also developed a Policy Development Document (PPD), a template of primary tasks when developing any new policy. This provided the office with a coordinated approach where workload could be shared by any team member. In this way a Directors meeting time could be optimised when discussing several policies.


The above policies, procedures and wall chart material remain and are well regarded post Amicus Horizon merger.  SLFHA has since been awarded a 'one-star service' with 'promising prospects for improvement' following a re-inspection by an independent body in June 2008.

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